The beach of Sables Vignier on the Oléron Island

The beach of Sables Vignier is among the most remarkable of Oléron Island. It appears in ancient iconography of the island. What made it so special that even our ancestors wrote about it ?
First, it is on the Atlantic coast of the island, the famous wild coast that seduces by its sunsets, its waves synced/synchronized to the rhythm of tides tall grasses and wild flowers of the dunes, nicnamed the immortals. On the other side of the ocean is America! But here it is paradise!

Its size, it forms a large west facing cove between the Chardonnière point south and Chaucre point north. There is no dangerous currents along this Oléron beach.
Its width, deep, it allows everyone to lay down their towels and if the tide is high, just do a few meters on the right to find a quiet corner thanks to its length.
Its golden sand, but not too much, is very pleasant to the touch, as it rolls under the feet. It is a small fortune to sink his toes with each step.
On the left side of the beach, the landscape changes. Mother Nature has given this beach a prolific rocky foreshore of underwater flora and fauna: the Chardonnière point extending over more than 2 nautical miles in the Atlantic Ocean. More than 3.7 kilometers …

Camping bord de mer Ile d'Oleron
Île Oléron camping proche plage
camping en bord de mer St Georges d'oleron
camping proche des plages d'Oléron
vacances bord de mer ile d'Oléron

At low tide some are fishing on foot, others are painting iridescent contours of this natural plateau, others go to visit with a book in hand.
To introduce you to all of this, we regularly invite Cécile from Art and Nature Association for discovery workshops, which will open your eyes and ears on the abundance of creation here on earth. The workshop starts next to the reception every week in season.
If you walk a bit further on the beach you will find a sailing school.
In the evening you can picnic with your family and neighbours or walk on the beach to enjoy the sunset. Emotions guaranteed. Every night is different.
Back at the camping in Saint Georges d’Oleron, we still perceive the waves that stretch on the beach. Fffrrrouushhh!
* Not to be confused with the tip of the Chardonnière in Haute-Savoie, which rises to 2723m, it’s not the same!
Some story about this beach.
Who was Lazor the pirate …
A very long time ago, the island of Oleron wasn’t very rich and in the neighborhood lived a man, Lazor, who well understood the disastrous potential role of the rocky plateau from the Chardonnière pointe (see above). He attached lamps to his donkey’s neck and had it ride on the dune heights. From distance by nightfall and bad weather the sailors thought to approach the northern tip of the island (which is now the Chassiron lighthouse). Thinking passing the island, they were turning their boats and came aground on the shoals of Chardonnière, bursting their flank on the rocks. In the morning, Lazor and his pirates were recovering stranded goods on the sand … brought by the tide.