Oleron Island

It is the largest of the French Atlantic islands, also called the charentais archipelago. It is 30 km long and 8 km wide. Long known for its oysters, its sea salt and its vineyard of Pineau des Charentes, it has been able to develop tourism thanks to its very beautiful beaches and an annual sunshine of 2400 h which earned it the name of ” Oléron, the Lumineuse “ and of course, all the nautical activities and its dear Fort Boyard. Recently a market gardening of great quality supported by a sandy soil offers to its inhabitants to taste magnificent fruits and vegetables. Coming to Oleron is also giving yourself time to discover all this.

The campsite on the Ile d’Oléron des Sables Vignier in Saint-Georges-d’Oléron is 1.2 km from a large market of fresh local produce, in Domino, to stock up on vitamins and benefits during your stay. A grocery on the campsite site will bring you the complement. You should know that here, each village has its market, we will give you the list on your arrival, without forgetting the night markets!

For the lovers of family picking, we have several addresses of producers where you can organize your harvest of tasty strawberries “Maras des bois”, sunny open field tomatoes melting and juicy, the famous sweet Charentes melon, thirst-quenching watermelons, crisp salads, peppers of all colors, zucchini, eggplants, green beans to fall, aromatic herbs, flowers, ….

In spring, come and taste the purple asparagus of the sands, Oleron’s grit, carrots, peas… It is not only on the beach that you can enjoy the benefits of the golden Atlantic sand.
Our island in Charente-Maritime is also home to vineyards producing Pineau des Charentes, Cognac and dashing and colorful local wines that go so well with the local cuisine. Cellar and wine cellar visits are on the program for wine lovers. Good addresses to offer you at the reception, of course.
A little south of Les Sables Vignier, is the port of La Cotinière. It shelters the colorful trawlers of the island’s professional fishermen. It is also the first langoustine fishing port in France. Go and discover it at the end of the day around 5 pm. Seafood (grey and pink shrimps, whelks, langoustines, clams and prawns, cockles and mussels, scallops, crabs…), fish of all sizes and shapes, extra fresh: nature is prolific, it is first a feast for the eyes… before being a feast for the taste buds! Go to the “Pêcheries de la Cotinière”, they are very good advice and you will be very well received.
A little further south, the oyster beds where the Oleron oysters are farmed and matured. For the most addicted, there is an oyster museum in Marennes. It is very well done and will interest young and old.

And also, a ancultural ancestral culture production in the marshes of the island, the sea salt. An excellent discovery path is to be visited in Grand Village: the salt port, the ecomuseum, then the visit of the salt marshes which will allow you to meet the sauniers of the island. Above all, bring some fleur de sel in your luggage, it will magnify all your dishes and prolong the good mood of your stay at camping Oléron among us!