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What to do when it rains in Charente Maritime?

Bad luck: your vacations have barely started, and it’s the flood… Fortunately, you are at the right place: the Charente Maritime reserves you a lot of activities to do, whether it’s raining or windy ! Here is the top 10 of the most beautiful visits to discover.

  • 1. The aquarium of La Rochelle
    If you’re going to take on water, you might as well do it under the ocean! The aquarium in La Rochelle will make you see all the colors in the deepest blue: more than 600 marine species, from the four corners of the globe, evolve in gigantic basins. Tropical fish, jellyfish, turtles… even majestic sharks !
  • 2. The maritime museum of La Rochelle
    This museum has the particularity of being afloat: installed in the old trawler basin of the Old Port, it exhibits 8 ships, the majority of which are classified as historical monuments. An extension on land continues the museum by retracing the evolution of La Rochelle, an ancient port that has now become a city in its own right.
  • 3. The natural history museum of La Rochelle
    It is worth the detour as much for its subject as for its setting. Installed in the former palace of the governor of Aunis (listed as a historical monument), the Natural History Museum of La Rochelle is a real showcase of knowledge: curiosity cabinets, ethnographic collections, library of more than 45 000 titles can establish a retrospective from prehistory to today.
  • 4. The Hermione
    It is no longer presented: the famous Frégate de la liberté, a warship famous for having allowed La Fayette to join the American insurgents in 1780. A faithful replica was built in 2014 and can be visited today in La Rochelle.
  • 5. The Museum of Fine Arts
    A panorama of Western painting from the 15th to the 20th century, to be discovered in the former Episcopal Palace Crussol d’Uzès: more than 900 paintings and drawings are exhibited.
  • 6. The bunker of La Rochelle
    This blockhouse built by the Germans in 1941 is located in the city center of La Rochelle and covers 300 square meters. It is now possible to visit it for an immersive and playful retrospective : treasure hunt for children from 5 to 12 years old to understand the Second World War, puzzle game…
  • 7. La Corderie Royale de Rochefort
    L’Arsenal Maritime The Arsenal Maritime, classified as a historical monument, houses this space which explains the operation of the longest factory in Europe in the 17th century: harvesting of raw materials, tailpieces work, evolution of techniques …
  • 8. The caves of Matata
    A set of troglodytic dwellings existing for 65 million years! Limestone cliffs shaped by the sea, then by men, they have been inhabited since Prehistory and can be visited today for a disconcerting journey back in time.
  • 9. The Escape Hunt Experience
    A escape game for those who want to activate their neurons in a truer-than-life situation: you have a limited amount of time to escape from a room by thwarting puzzles, riddles and locks. Your greatest asset: your team cohesion. Top chrono !
  • 10. The Family Fun Park
    To let off steam for young and old, a family space rich in attractions : laser game, giant trampolines, Kid Park (games for 1-12 years old). Fun guaranteed!