Camping in Saint Georges d’Oleron

Visit Saint-Georges d’Oléron

Spread from one shore to another on the widest part of the island, Saint-Georges d’Oléron includes a village renowned for its charm and beauty, and several hamlets attached among which Boyardville and its unique point of view on the eponymous fort, the village of oyster farmers Sauzelles, Sables Vignier on the wild coast, or Domino and his bathing cabins. The village of Saint-Georges d’Oléron, with its narrow streets lined with low houses and flowery hollyhocks, invites you to stroll. A beautiful architectural heritage is also to be discovered in the territory of Saint-Georges: a Romanesque church, the oldest on the island, 19th century wood halls, two 19th century castles (the Fournier castle and the villa Lighter), a remarkable town hall of the 19th century also, fish locks as found on the island of Ré, or Fort Boyard off Boyardville towards the island of Aix.

Activities and leisure

Between walks, relaxing activities, sports and boating or discovering local producers, things to do are many and varied in Saint-Georges d’Oléron. The walks can be done on foot between the old salt marshes and the preserved villages of the hamlets, straddling the wooded paths, between the marshes and on the beaches, or by bike thanks to the different sites of rent of two-wheelers. Popular nautical activities for tourists include top or pirate ship cruises around the island and to Fort Boyard, jet ski rentals, fishing trips, and catamaran cruises. On the pond of Prés Valet, the miniature port of Saint-Georges allows children to drive their boat. Many local producers offer you to discover their trades and their products on Saint-Georges d’Oléron: brewery wreckers, salt workers, winemakers, oyster farm, or smoker salmon, there is something for everyone!

St Georges d’Oléron is the largest town in the island of Oleron in Charente Maritime and it includes many hamlets. Boyardville is famous for its Fort Boyard one can approach by boat (see Inter islands cruises), it also has a very nice marina and a channel where one can walk. In season, a firework is fired on Thursday nights. Beautiful !

The french sailing federation also setup their offices in the Vauban fort. They offer sailing classes for every age and level.

During your holiday in St Georges d’Oléron, visit the church and the covered market, built at the request of Eleanor of Aquitaine in the twelfth century. Visit the city center, the tourism office nearby will welcome you efficiently.

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