Camping in Charente Maritime near La Rochelle

The department of Charente-Maritime includes, in part, two historic regions that are Aunis (area of La Rochelle and Rochefort) and Saintonge (area of Saintes, Royan and Oléron). These lands were built and raised In the Middle Ages by Eleanor of Aquitaine, Duchess of Aquitaine then Queen of France and then Queen of England. The English presence on our shores has both forged our ports and their maritime and trade relations, our cities and left the imprint of their language. Thus in Oleron you will find the name of the village of Ors (current spelling), the village of Horse (ancient spelling) ancient gathering place of the stables located near the castle. Add to that the religious wars and the Hundred Years War, Cardinal Mazarin, Cardinal Richelieu and you have a high historical potential.

Brouage XVI: a stronghold with multiple turrets which was originally a busy commercial port. It is now silted up … several kilometers from the Charente coast. It was the scene of many stories of history, the salt trade to the Netherlands, the religious wars between Catholics and Protestants, the port of departure of Samuel Champlain to Canada who founded Quebec in 1603, Cardinal Mazarin who casts away his niece Maria Mancini Louis XIV who was madly in love with her …. A great treasure hunt (available at the tourist office) through the village will delight all the family!


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Rochefort, pretty city from seventeenth (built with sidewalks and an underground disposal of wastewater and rainwater!) was designed by Vauban and Colbert to become the armory of the fleet of Louis XIV. Recently, the frigate Hermione was built there and armed according to the naval construction techniques of the time. An adventure to discover in the exhibition dedicated to it. It regularly returns to its port … We also advise to absolutely visit the Corderie Royale, the port, the baths, the suspension bridge of the nineteenth century. (Unique) and the city center.

La Rochelle. Capital of the Charente-Maritime. No introduction needed for this magnificent city, it was the scene of decisive events in the history of France. Its harbor and its famous towers St Nicolas and St Jacques, the commercial streets, the big clock, the gardens and beautiful houses downtown. Visit the Aquarium of La Rochelle, the Port des Minimes and its splendid boats. In summer, La Rochelle hosts the annual festival of Francofolies, crucial stage of the French music. North of the city, the bridge to the island of Ré.

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